"The three big S's belong to each of our products"

KEB Automation in Austria

"We basically have everything here on site – except production," says Markus Weißensteiner with a smile. From Marchtrenk in Upper Austria, the managing director works with a 20-person team to implement individual automation solutions. At the same time, however, there is close contact with the company headquarters in Barntrup at all levels. "A clear advantage of the flat structure in the KEB Group."

But what makes the philosophy of KEB, what makes Weißensteiners philosophy? The 42-year-old says: "Basically, it's the three big 'S's': service, service and service." This starts with the individual dimensioning of the products, accompanied by possible tests on our in-house test bench, product training and accompanying support from the very beginning.

On request through "Fast Lane"

The team focuses, for example, on woodworking and plastics machinery construction, the process industry or intralogistics. While at the beginning of the millennium the focus at KEB in Austria was strongly on wind energy, the importance of e-mobility is currently growing. "Thanks to the development of our T6 for the electrification of Auxiliary Drives, we can now also be found in electric or hybrid buses, construction machinery or delivery vans on the so-called last mile".
Regardless of the industry, KEB Austria's customers benefit from the "fast lane" principle: Thanks to our own warehouse and logistics, orders can be processed quickly in particularly urgent cases.

Flexibility and trust

In addition to these offers, the engineers and technicians always have something in mind: The big "S" for the service itself. "When the products are in use at the customer's site, our part is not over, of course," says Weißensteiner. "We support our customers in virtually all mechanical situations. In addition, there is the service in Barntrup, which can be reached continuously."

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KEB Austria 2018

1 KEB Automation Sicherheit im Antrieb COMBIVERT S6 PRO

Servo drive COMBIVERT S6 PRO with encoderless safety

Weissensteiner and his team attach particular importance to a trusting relationship. The size of the company in Austria enables it to act quickly and flexibly. "As part of the KEB Group with around 1,500 employees and almost 50 years of experience, we also have all the possibilities to find solutions across national borders," says Weißensteiner.

Author: Daniel Kappmeyer