Smart control systems support OPC UA

The right industrial PC for every application

The compact DIN rail IPC C6 SMART and the C6 S14 as panel variant with touch screen (resistive or capacitive) are perfectly matched to the runtime environment and real-time capability. The newly implemented OPC UA Server enables the user to exchange data independently of the platform based on TCP. This leads to a significant simplification in networking according to Industry 4.0. The OPC UA Server receives its data via the symbol configuration of the development tool COMBIVIS studio 6 and communicates with suitable OPC UA clients of different manufacturers, which deliver and receive the same data structures.

Their optimized processor performance enables the user to solve synchronous motion control tasks – with little effort, but a certain performance requirement. A micro UPS as standard, in conjunction with the four independent mass storage units for the operating system, runtime environments, non-volatile data and user applications make both the C6 SMART and the C6 S14 robust and reliable systems. In addition to integrated real-time control, the smart IPCs can handle visualization and also offer integrated remote maintenance functionality.