Safe locking of hoods in machines

Frequency converter with certified function SSM "f=0Hz" now also for EtherCAT!

The TÜV-certified safety function SSM with sound level f=0 Hz provides a function for detecting standstill of drives, which helps to prevent injuries due to rotating tools in the case of uncontrolled access. To this end, KEB COMBIVERT G6 with EtherCAT control card features a defined relay output that can display the safe standstill of the drive.

The requirements of the institutes for statutory accident insurance and prevention demand reliable contact protection in machines, which is often implemented with a guard control that is designed to prevent someone from accessing a machine element. For example, rotating tools such as cutters are installed under lockable hoods.

With the SSM f=0Hz- function, the frequency converter COMBIVERT G6 is used as part of the safety chain, so that hoods are only opened when the tool is in standstill and the risk of injury can be excluded.

SSM "f=0Hz" minimises the risks with the operation of material-processing machines. Questions about functionality and application? Feel free to contact us. The KEB Team.