Personnel marketing made sustainable

How do applicants find KEB and what image do they have of the company? Marleen Sprenger's (24) work revolves around this question. After completing her business studies at KEB, she is now expanding KEBs personnel marketing activities.

Ms. Sprenger, if KEB Automation were a real person: How would you describe the person?

KEB would definitely be a multi-faceted person. Its strength comes from various character traits. The person is down-to-earth, down to earth and relies on traditional values. You can also rely on verbal agreement. Its main interests are clear: It is all about drive and automation technology. The purely technical aspect is more or less the profession, but at the same time the person sees great importance to relationships with fellow human beings and to sustainability. Sounds likeable, doesn't it?

Let’s summarise briefly: What are your tasks at KEB?

I am currently expanding and redesigning the career section on our website. I am creating a concept for the content and design. In the future, I will also maintain the area directly as a link between the personnel department, training department, management and marketing. Until now, this was directly anchored in marketing. Furthermore, I am to promote the topic of employer branding. What we are planning to do there, I am sure you will soon see or read about it here from time to time.

How and with what can and want we - KEB Automation - convince applicants?

This may sound like a platitude, but: A big pound is definitely our authentic way. In any case, this is often part of the positive feedback, for example from applicants. It starts as early as the job interview, where we attach great importance to individuality. We want to emphasise that we are a family business and that this is lived every day. It is also important to us to constantly develop and be innovative – not only our products. Our products can be found in future-proof and growth markets such as woodworking and e-mobility. This is also reflected in the long company affiliations of our colleagues.

Interview: Daniel Kappmeyer


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