IPC technology at the I/O clamp -

The C6 SMART, the definition of compact control. Today's modular machine concepts require distributed and decentralized architectures.

To this end, conventional automation assemblies are increasingly moving from conventional centralised control cabinets directly into the decentralised equipment segment of the machine - the control cabinet beside the machine disappears.

This process is supported by the new IPC generation. With a design space of only 47 x 122 x 124 mm and a direct connection to the KEB Remote I/O system, the classic IPC becomes a component of the clamping system.

The C6 Smart IPC is perfectly aligned to the run-time environment and is real-time capable. It can manage tasks that put high demands on performance and compactness but are still expected to be economical.

To continue the decentralisation idea, the C6 monitor can be directly connected via a digital IPC graphics interface and can also ensure further decentralisation in the visualisation. The implementation of the HMI project is assumed by the C6 Smart IPC. 

Remote maintenance solutions are becoming increasingly important in today's automation environment - enough reason for KEB to also implement the COMBIVIS connect remote maintenance tool in the compact C6 Smart IPC. Each company has its own requirements for the functional scope of a remote maintenance software - compare your own requirements with the functional diversity offered by COMBIVIS connect.

Now is the right time to change from the PLC generation to the modern and compact IPC.