Enhanced Safety Functions in the Multiple-Axis System

Safety in Drive is increasingly emphasized in machine concepts and STO (Safe Torque Off) is the most frequently applied solution for functional safety “in the Drive”.

There is often the demand also for inclusion of rpm-dependent functions in machine safety concepts which are implemented until now through external elements.

For the multiple-axis system COMBIVERT H6, KEB is offering now a TÜV certified module that operates the standard rpm-dependent safety functions. The following functions are available in addition to STO and SBC (Safe Brake Control).

All safety functions can be used in applications up to SIL3 according to IEC 61508 or up to PLe according to ISO 13849. As a necessary Motor speed feedback signal Resolvers or safety certified SinCos encoders are mandatory.

The “Safety module Type 2” is controlled through safe digital inputs. The module’s ripple function allows building a simple ring structure so as to trigger the safety functions directly on another device. In addition, the safety module offers a 2-channel clock output for potential-free supply to the safety inputs.

The “Safety module Type 2” has the inherent task of safe parameterization. For this purpose, KEB COMBIVIS 6 and KEB COMBIVIS studio 6 have an (offline) cost-free Safety Module-Editor by which password-protected access levels can be defined for various users.

The settings are downloadable with double-checking (checksum). This structure allows users to save configurations and parameter lists and to use them in other projects, and also to load these into the module through the control. Furthermore, the Safety Module-Editor offers various options of diagnosis and documentation, among other things, interplaying with the module-internal system clock.

Safety parameters for the software wizard SISTEMA including other information on this topic can be found on the KEB website at www.keb.de.