DL3 - the latest KEB servo-motor range

now also available as a planetary gear motor! The S6 servo-system with DL3 series motors has been extended with the introduction of planetary gears for speed and torque adjustment in machine movements.

The motors of size A1 up to size E3SMH with rated torque of 0.5Nm to 15Nm and mechanical cross-sections of 55mm to 142mm have been fully installed and factory tested, with 1- and 2-stage planetary gears in transmission ratios i = 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 40.  The PLPE series from our system partner Neugart are used with torque output values of 5 to 720 Nm.

The combination of suitable versions of motor and planetary gears is integral to the latest assembly configuration with the KEB COMBIVIS 6 service tool. Just a few clicks for the gear motor, as motor and gear selection is supported graphically or in tabular form. All the technical documents for design, installation and commissioning are included.