COMBISTOP is an electromagnetically-

actuated dual surface spring applied brake for dry operation. The braking force is generated by springs and released through the electromagnetic force.

More than a million times these brakes have proven to work successfully in demanding applications and are used where rotating masses must be stopped e.g. by usage of an emergency switch or shafts need to be held in a precise position. Main task of a safety brake is protecting the staff from injury and avoiding damage to the set.

The electromagnetic / closed current spring applied brake is the most common type of safety brakes for application e.g. ground conveying, medicine technology, wind power, lifting / hoisting and general motor manufacturing!

In general spring applied brake are mounted on the B-side of the motor. With respect to the latest technology the deceleration of the movement in normal operation is made by a regulated drive. The torque is reduced to zero only then the safety brake reacts.

With the new, reduced constructional length, type “38.11S” offers aside from the standard well proven KEB COMBISTOP. KEB offers a compact, lower priced and especially flexible solution for safety relevant and dynamic application of all types without losing the familiar high quality standards.

The torque range 5 to 70 Nm match the IEC motors. Also requirements like the CSA/CUS approval or CCV capability were taking into consideration and implemented.

For completion various accessories are available, like friction disc, dust protection rings and manual release.