200,000 revolutions on the DIN rail

The fully fledged drive for high-frequency spindles.

Introducing the fully fledged drive for high-frequency spindles: KEB Automation has expanded its existing portfolio with the launch of a compact new drive for high-frequency spindles designed for DIN rails – the C6 Remote I/O EtherCAT drive module with CE and cULus certifications.

The C6 drive module is capable of achieving a shaft speed of up to 200,000 revolutions per minute in particularly small motors for voltages ranging from 24 to 72 volts (DC). The additional integration of output filter technology serves to enhance compatibility with any chosen synchronous machines further still.

With its compact design and high performance in the low-voltage range, the impressive C6 Drive Module stands out from the crowd in many applications where conventional servo amplifiers would not be suitable. KEB works in close partnership with partners specialising in high-frequency spindles (0.75–900 kilowatts) on projects for machine tools – including milling, drilling and grinding technology – operating at speeds of over 120,000 revolutions per minute.

Successful applications:

  • Medical technology (milling and cutting)
    Medical technology applications, including dental implant production, frequently rely on low voltages of up to 80 volts (DC). These also demand particularly high output speeds from their milling and cutting technology to ensure the best possible surface quality and processing rate. What’s more, predefined operating modes can be set intuitively in the CiA402 via a connection to an Ethernet-based BUS system.

  • Pumps, turbo blowers, compressors
    The C6 drive module is small enough to be integrated directly into components such as a servo pump. It can be used via a connection to an Ethernet-based BUS system, via the digital interfaces as a BUS slave, or even as a stand-alone device.

Specification C6 Remote I/O drive module

Supported motors: Synchronous Motors KEB TA series or third party products
Motor control: Open-loop with current control, closed-loop with encoder
Supported encoders: Incremental TTL, HTL, Hall
Input and output voltage: 12–72 V DC (cULus: 12–48 V DC)
Motor current: 5–15 A
Switching frequency: 32 kHz
Dimensions: 25 x 120 x 90 mm
Fieldbus: EtherCAT 100 Mbit/s slave
Certifications: CE, cULus