COMBIVIS connect

Remote maintenance platform with future

COMBIVIS Connect is KEB’s cutting-edge remote maintenance solution for WIN32 and WinCE. The software allows automation installations to be monitored and controlled remotely.

The COMBIVIS Connect remote maintenance platform provides optimum service conditions in a modern automation system. Secure end-to-end connections ensure that centrally controlled devices are available at all times from anywhere in the world. Regular data-logging ensures transparent representation of machine data, enabling precise analysis for ongoing improvement in machine processes.

COMBIVIS Connect complies with the highest industrial safety standards. All components of the software have been certified and are compatible with the reference standard IEC 62443-3.

Audit certificate KEB
Keb combivis connect SV 02
Keb combivis connect runtime
  • Monitoring and commissioning of remote devices
  • Access, troubleshooting and programming of control and automation devices
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Updating and changes to software applications for remote control
  • Access to Ethernet and serial sub-networks
  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote Explorer
  • Chat, Screenshot, Task Manager, Statistics
  • VPN to remote PC
  • VPN with access to Ethernet sub-network of remote devices
  • Virtual serial interface
  • Domain creation, hierarchical profiling of user and remote PC
  • Automatic  connection process following reboot of remote PC
  • Rights assignment for users and user groups
  • Assignment of firewall rules at computer and devices level

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