Development environment

COMBIVIS studio 6

With its open, flexible automation system, KEB offers solutions for a wide range of process and motion applications for individual and multiple systems. With the COMBIVIS studio 6 automation platform, the entire engineering process - configuration, programming, parameter-setting and diagnostics – is available in a single software tool.

COMBIVIS studio 6 allows users to choose from a list of common programming languages such as AWL, KOP, AS (sequence control), FUP, ST (structured text) and CFC using programming standard IEC 61131-3. Import and export functions for porting existing applications are likewise implemented such as SoftMotion according to PLC Open Standard, CAM- and CNC functionality as well as integrated file transfer, trace, debugging- and logbook functions.

COMBIVIS studio 6 Safety

With the extended I/O module system with safe and secure digital inputs and outputs, the KEB automation platform can also be used for high-standard safety motion control applications.

Separate wiring of safety circuits can be minimized by using KEB integrated safety I/O. Safe signals are transmitted together with standard signals using EtherCAT to the C6 safety control function. The basic principle for this integration process is safety protocol Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) certified by the TÜV. The KEB Safety System complies with SIL3 of IEC 61508.


Windows-based COMBIVIS studio HMI visualization tool was developed for the design of operator interfaces and applications for monitoring control and data acquisition.

With this tool, complete machines can be visualized in the KEB COMBIVIS studio 6 programming environment. The software can also be used on its own as an independent tool for programming man-machine interfaces.

The innovative remote maintenance software COMBIVIS Connect can be run on all WinCE and Win32/64 bit operating systems and enables remote direct equipment access, fault location, and monitoring of remote machines and devices. This reduces costs for business trips and production downtime without additional hardware.

All components of COMBIVIS have been certified to be compatible with the reference standard IEC 62443-3, the highest industrial safety standard.

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