The compact PLC C6 Compact convinces with its efficient concept

KEB's C6 Compact embedded controller combines economy with flexibility and excellent performance. In addition to the real-time EtherCAT-Master, there are a number of slave interface options available (CANOpen, Profibus, Profinet RT, Interbus, EtherCAT, Powerlink) as well as a CAN-Master.

As a PLC, the Compact can take over the control of an entire system or serve as a lower-level controller. The real-time bus system provides coordination and synchronous progress of the axes and enables consistent communication and diagnostics on all levels up to the drive.

The control system has an effective design that uses no superimposed operating system, so it can dedicate all computing potential to soft-SPS and motion task applications.

In addition to real-time performance from each of the communication interfaces, the C6 Compact has four integrated digital inputs and four outputs. Expansion and decentralization of further I/O is controlled via EtherCAT bus, using an additional bus coupler.

Programming and code processing are handled using COMBIVIS Studio 6 software, which is based on standard IEC 61131-3.

Finally, a C6 HMI panel can easily be linked using Ethernet to enable remote maintenance tasks.

Keb c6 compact
Keb c6 compact back

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