Permanentmagnetic Clutches Automotive

The power of permanent magnets

KEB permanent magnet clutches transmit friction-type torque in de-energised state. For switching, the system uses the power of the permanent magnets in the magnet and forms a magnetic circuit via the rotor and armature assembly. The high field strength of the rare-earth magnets enables transmission of high torque with the smallest space.  

The friction-type connection is opened via the opposite-pole electromagnetic circuit, controlled so that the power effect of the permanent magnet increases.

Preferred usage sectors for permanent magnet clutches are applications with very high power-on times, such as air-conditioning compressors or for door and hatch systems.  

Technical data

Torque range 0,4 … 80 Nm
Diameter 29 … 150 mm
Operating voltages 12 … 48 V DC