Yaw Drive

Reliable movement of large masses

Wind turbines with increasingly large rotors and tower heights are being built in the landscape, rising like giants into the sky. As the size and capacity increase, so do the requirements for drives used for their regulation, in the hub and nacelle.

Yaw drives handle yawing and are a key system component for turbine availability. In the offshore usage sector, minimized maintenance with maximum fail-safe performance are criteria that are implemented with redundant effective radii as well as other aspects.

KEB offers variants derived from industrial use for azimuth application with COMBIVERT drives, which have provided an optimum solution as inverters in wind power facilities in particular. The extensive range of functions provides an excellent basis for flexible adaptation to different manufacturer designs.

Depending on the preferred design arrangement, drive controllers are available as single axis units or alternatively as multiple axis systems in the typical capacity  range 4 to 75 kW.

The linking procedure for operational management is implemented either directly via the serial interface, or flexibly and functionally adapted to the architecture of the turbine automation with C6 COMPACT embedded control or the H6 control unit, irrespective of the drive design selected. H6 Control Unit.

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