Remote Control

From a distance…

With access to the technical parameters of an installation it is possible to evaluate any fault situations that occur, and eliminate them as required, establish preventive measures and also take action directly in the functional processes and procedures.

COMBIVIS Connect software package offers a VPN-based connection platform providing self-reliant access worldwide with servers distributed throughout the world.

The properties and possibilities of remote maintenance are directly integrated in many KEB control technology products, starting from the HMI through to the IPC panel, and can be used in graduated form via software licence models.

If third-party control systems are used in the wind power facility, the COMBICONTROL C6 Router offers a universal solution for incorporating these components. Software drivers are currently available for more than 50 makes.

In addition to basic remote maintenance via COMBIVIS Connect, the router can be equipped with the COMBIVIS HMI visualization system - and with this the identical hardware forms a data logger in the installation.

C6 routers are available in variants E1/ E2 without modem, and M1/M2 with 2G/3G/3G+ modem.

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