Pitch Motors

Equipped for use in difficult environmental conditions…

Modern wind turbines, and hence built-in assemblies as well, are designed for a service life of > 20 years. Due to the typical installation sites in the onshore-, nearshore-, and also offshore- sector, environmental conditions occur which impose solutions that deviate from industry standard ones.

The KEB Pitch Motor is specially equipped for this purpose and is based on knowledge acquired from more than 10 years' practical application in well over 10,000 installations.
The KEB Pitch Motor is a synchronous servomotor with integral spring pressure with the following characteristics in particular:

  • compact design
  • low weight
  • high efficiency

Adaptation to existing gearboxes is obtained with different flange configurations.

KEB Pitch Motors meet the highest requirements in quality, dynamics and positioning accuracy and are available for wind turbines with capacity up to 10MW.

Secure installation with KEB motor and encoder cables

The connection system is customized to the usage sector to match the COMBIVERT P6 / Pitch motor system.

The motor and encoder cables are optimized in the EMC assembly and fully meet the requirements for normal, CCV and HCV installation sectors due to the choice of material and processing.

The temperature range is specified as -30 to +70 °C, and the motor and transducer leads are available in different lengths.


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Manual Servo Motors for Pitch Systems
( en, pdf, 2017-04-23, 2 MB )