Yaw Solutions

Graded solutions for different requirements

In small turbines, one or two high ratio geared motors handle the rotary movement of the nacelle, controlled directly from the mains/with soft start, or with a frequency inverter, depending on control quality.

Medium-sized wind turbines already have higher requirements in terms of power transmission, such as substantially higher torque. Additional drives in parallel formation represent a typical mechanical approach, with up to 10 axes in current large-scale facilities.

Control of these multiple drives becomes increasingly more important as plant performance levels, and hence also loads, increase.

KEB offers graded solutions for this requirement, based on options of conventional single-axis or also multiple-axis technology. The KEB COMBIVERT drive controller combined with the CS COMPACT embedded- control offers a self-sufficient control system that takes over on connection to the operational management system by controlled load distribution or master switching, with individual adaptation to the wind turbine system structure.

Special functional modules (in the Yaw library) handle implementation of the controlled systems.


Keb windpower jaw double drive controller


Keb windpower jaw multiple drive controller


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