Express service electronics - express repair

With the new Express Service Electronics the KEB Service now offers the possibility to substantially reduce the time of handling repairs of frequency inverters and servo controllers.

Compared to the standard repair procedure with an average nonbinding processing time of approx. 15 to 20 working days, we offer you with the Express Service a preferential and optimized repair service. 

Units send in for repair are repaired after analysis and approval of the cost estimate within a guaranteed time of max. 5 working days.

In future you can choose between the Standard Service and the new KEB Express Service giving you the possibility to shorten the downtime of plants or machines in case of failures.

For particularly critical unit failures we offer an Overnight Express Service Electronics in the factory Barntrup after prior consultation by phone you can pick up a unit that was send in for repair in the morning on the next day in order to get production plants running again as soon as possible.

Details on the new service are described in service conditions. In case of specific inquiries and further information regarding the handling the KEB Service Management is directly available under +49 5263 401-243 or 157.

Whether Standard Repair or Express Service Electronics  you always receive a complete service package from KEB that includes

  • the saving of customized parameter settings,
  • complete function and hardware examination,
  • extensive output test including high-voltage test, functional test in the climate chamber as well as performance test under real load conditions

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