With safety (and) 230 Volt

Compact and dynamic servo systems are being used increasingly often as monophase 230 volt drives in the power band of up to maximum two kilowatts. For this, KEB Automation offers up to 15 different safety functions, all FSoE-compatible.

The reasons for the growing number of 230 volt drives include the growing integration of modern servo technology in applications such as for example spindles in medical devices, high-functionality kitchen appliances, and even labelling systems which are normally operated on the domestic power system.

To meet this trend, KEB now offers the COMBIVERT S6 servo System for mono-phase 230 volt areas, as well as the existing multi-voltage range for three-phase networks, in two power stages with rated currents of four ampers and seven ampers respectively.

The compact 50 millimeter module in book format contains, as well as the proven EMC filter with ultra-low discharge currents of less than 5 mA, all other features which make the system flexible in use.

As well as the integrated real-time link to the control level, which may take the form of optionally EtherCAT, ProfiNet, PowerLink or EtherNet IP and as an innovation can be selected by parameters, CAN and VARAN are also available as further bus connections.

The COMBIVERT S6 is also state-of-the-art in terms of functional safety, integrated directly in the drive. The "Compact" base version comprises STO as an integrated safety function, while the "Application" device version offers modular safety technology. In the highest extension stage, 15 different FsoE-compatible safety functions can be used, eliminating the need for complex wiring of the safety module when there is an existing FsoE master.

The system is completed by the "Dynamic Line3" 230 volt servo motors tuned for the voltage class. These are available in three new power levels from 0.2 Nm to 0.5 Nm in the compact flange size of 40 millimenter.

Further equipment features are the integrated braking transistor for direct connection of braking resistors, brake control including supply of the motor brake, various other analog and digital inputs and outputs for integration and processing of internal and external signals/process values, and integrated temperature analysis for sensors such as KTY, PTC or PT1000.