UN Climate Conference in Paris

In the backdrop of the event COP21 (21st Conference of the Parties) in Paris, well-known furniture supplier from Sweden has drawn the public’s attention to the importance of future energy concepts with an innovative action.

The location of this happening was the well-known Champs Elysées – right in the central district of Paris where the entire shopping street was illuminated with renewable energy.

To make this a reality, the France-based enterprise and manufacturer of small-scale wind power plants EOLYS ressources & énergies was commissioned.

The core object of the project is the mobile wind power plant of the type "Métronome” that is about 14 m high and rated for 12 kW feed-in power. 

Internally, the installation equipped with a particularly efficient synchronous generator operates with a system solution provided by KEB. Proven industrial drive controls KEB COMBIVERT F5 handle the sensorless generator management; the power feeding is controlled by AFE (Active Front End) combination, consisting of a feedback unit and LCL filters, all regulating and controlling functions, such as the 3-phase control of the synchronous generator for optimal modulation of the wind power are handled using the embedded control KEB COMBICONTROL C6-COMPACT.

The effect of this overnight installed wind power plant is that it stood there as a “messenger” representing the efficient power generation that is already happening today in more than 60 running installations in agricultural units, in the industry as well as in remote communities and wherever an insular solution becomes necessary.