The spring-applied brake for the standard


What does standard mean today? "Speaking for our brakes this is the COMBISTOP 38", says Hendrik Wieneke, deputy sales manager brakes and clutches at KEB. "It is one of our most popular brakes." The "38S" version, for example, is frequently used in disc motors.

How does the brake stand out? The reduced overall length allows the brake to be used even in narrow installation spaces. "Depending on the size, the brake length is reduced by 2.0 to 11.5 millimeters," explains Wieneke. The weight is also significantly lower compared to the Type 38N/H. This is a decisive advantage for the customer, especially when used in weight-sensitive applications.

Flexible friction lining

"All torque-forming parts are made of metal," says Hendrik Wieneke. In the various sizes, the COMBISTOP 38S is therefore designed for a torque of up to 70 Newton meters.

Another key feature is a new generation of friction linings available on order. "Due to the flexibility of the friction linings, the brake can be optimally adapted to the application", explains Wieneke.


Author: Daniel Kappmeyer