The show must go on - This is especially true for the Lido in Paris

The most famous cabaret in the world has modernized its stage technology suited to the new program "Le Lido Spectacle Paris Merveilles"

In the LIDO founded 1946 and located in the Avenue des Champs Elysées / Paris, modern automation and drive technology from KEB controls and moves the stage Settings.

As leading provider in France the company COMETE has been awarded the contract as project responsible party and has developed the new concept in 15-months of project planning. An essential part is the electronic drive and control technology of KEB.

The technical task definition was as follows: a hoisting gear with a load capacity of 110 t presents the audience, depending on the stage situation, an 80m3 pool, a 50m2 ice surface or two other stage settings. As another variant a mobile ground floor of 190m2 is used that provides room for 410 visitors and tables.

The centerpieces of the automation concept are the powerful embedded control KEB COMBICONTROL COMPACT II and the „Yaw Library“ with software components for the coordination of loads on distributed drives.The flexibility of the hard- and software of COMPACT II is another important part in the overall solution for the stage technology, where super-ordinated master computers communicate serially with CAN-Bus and, on the other side, the actual motion profiles of the drive axes are controlled in real-time via the ETHERCAT-protocol in synchronous communication.The drive controllers KEB COMBIVERT F5 are universally suitable for the operation of different motors and possess the integrated safety function STO according to IEC 62061 – SIL3.

With fundamentals gained from the torque-sharing in offshore wind turbines, it was possible to design and implement a powerful stage system within a short time.

The high quality of the torque control and precise positioning of different elements on hoisting and running gear will ensure in the coming years an active stage setting full of motion in the cabaret.