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Appropriation of current KEB device data for easy use in project planning with EPLAN software solutions

With the servo drives COMBIVERT S6 in different sizes and versions KEB Automation starts in the EPLAN Data Portal. The portal is an integrated, web-based data platform for provision of EPLAN compatible device data from market-leading component manufacturers for direct use in EPLAN software solutions. EPLAN Software & Service develops CAE solutions and advises companies in the optimization of their engineering processes. Users profit from increased efficiency in the product development process through standardized procedures, automated sequences and consistent workflows.

First KEB provides 60 data sets for the series COMBIVERT S6 in the variants COMPACT and APPLICATION in EPLAN. An extension of the available data sets is already being prepared.preparation.

The COMBIVERT S6 is the KEB series for modern servo technology – highly integrated, universal and versatile with flexible functions for almost every drive – as if made for networked automation. Our servo drives support the implementation of new machine designs with extended requirements in terms of capacity, communication and integrated safety.

This drive generation makes it possible to individually adapt the operation of different motor types, real-time communication with the higher-level controller, the selection of drive-integrated safety functions or the cooling concept in the control cabinet to the requirements of the machine manufacturer..

They combine the functionality of open-loop and closed-loop frequency inverters for asynchronous machines and dynamic servo controller features with high-efficiency sensorless control methods such as sensorless closed loop (SCL) and asynchronous sensorless closed loop (ASCL).

As a compact servo drive, the COMBIVERT S6 is available in two housing sizes for rated currents of 2.6 A up to 12 A. The direct mains connection is available for 230 V and 400 V networks.