Spring-operated brakes in C-arm X-ray units

Demand for the secure connection and holding of individual device functions is also growing in the field of medical technology!

Special spring-operated brakes in X-ray machines e.g. hold the vertical axis (swivel) and horizontal axis (angulation) in position. The installation options for these devices are very limited, which creates a need for components that offer optimum installation performance with respect to diameter / height and torque.

The sensitive application area of medical technology requires not just a consideration of the considerable safety-related aspects, but users and patients must also be able to fully trust in the technology. This includes specified torque stability as well as low-noise switching behaviour, which are realised with special individual components.  

In addition, a "horizontal brake (angulation)" in particular must also be able to prevent the drifting of the C-arm in open position. Despite the residual torque that is required in this context, it must also be possible to quickly move the X-ray machine into the correct position manually without great effort and without additional noise.

To this end, KEB has developed products on the basis of the COMBISTOP portfolio, which meet these requirements and play a major role in providing a gentle, rapid, precise and effective diagnosis of the patient!