Remote maintenance -

The C6 Router connects your service centre to the world. The diagnosis of functions, adjustments to special regional features, preventative maintenance or updating and start-up of software applications make up a large part of the tasks performed in a service centre.

During service assignments, the solution often involves merely the adaptation of a few parameters or programming lines - unfortunately this process is often associated with considerable travel requirements and resulting expenses. The KEB C6 Router brings these tasks in-house and not only saves travel costs but also relieves the pressure on the main resources of qualified staff.

Similarly, data protection is also an important factor in the area of remote maintenance, which should not be neglected. To guarantee the highest standard in data protection, the KEB C6 Router and connected COMBIVIS connect infrastructure meet the highest security standards, and impress with a redundancy of servers at different locations.

The C6 routers also offer another feature in the form of implemented visualisation software, with the full functionality of the unmistakable COMBIVIS studio HMI. Functions such as data logger, alarm management, analysis of benefits and capacity utilisation, and notifications in a service case by SMS or e-mail are just some of the additional features available to users with the C6 Router E2 or M2.

Moreover, the KEB C6 router is fully independent of the selected control hardware and thus can also be combined with third-party controls at any time. A multitude of communication drivers ensure that visualisation connections to outside controls become a matter of routine.

This product alone, not to mention the benefits it offers, are worth a visit to the KEB trade fair stand.