Outstanding Partnership Award for KEB at Haitian Suppliers Conference 2018

Three questions to… Wolfgang Wiele (CTO, KEB Automation)

Mr. Wiele, what distinguishes the successful relationship between Haitian Plastics Machinery Group and KEB Automation?
First of all, mutual trust and confidence from many years of partnership between our companies. In my view, this is reflected firstly in the field of technology, where numerous engineers on both sides are continually working on new developments and innovations in plastics technology. Secondly, our shared success factors include clearly defined processes, a Key Account Management and constant communication taking into account inter-cultural skills. The latter is vital above all in the Service department, where we provide a global service network for Haitian.

KEB has now been collaborating with Haitian for over 14 years; where is the partnership going in the future?
What began in China has been successfully continued in Europe, America and India for several years now. The close collaboration between Haitian International Germany in Ebermannsdorf and our head office in Barntrup is an example of practised and trusted collaboration. We are also continuing to work on new projects: in particular, the "Internet of Things" in relation to Remote and Predictive Maintenance offers many new aspects on which teams from both companies are collaborating closely.

What are the milestones of the collaboration so far?
From a technical aspect, certainly the demand-regulated servo pumps in the "Mars" machines which have been continuously refined over the years and are now fitted in many Haitian machines. Another milestone was the production of the fully electric "Venus" series, which rapidly and precisely developed into a trendsetter. In addition, we're proud of supplying Haitian machines from Barntrup – and hence "Made in Germany".