Optional assembly for KTY analysis

Temperature-dependent signals, e.g. in electric motors or process flows, are securely and routinely recorded with KTY sensors.

For analysis and further processing in larger devices, KEB provides an integrated analysis logic for the sensor type KTY 84-130 directly in the drive controller.

Effective immediately, an external KTY analysis unit is available for drive controllers with conventional PTC analysis, but also for immediate processing of the KTY signals in a PLC or IPC control unit.

Within a compact enclosure format 85 x 71 x 22.5 mm, the assembly for cap rail installation in protection class IP23 offers the analysis of sensor types KTY 84-130 and KTY 83-110.

The analogue output provides a linear signal proportional to the calculated temperature value in the range of 1V - 9V DC, depending on the limits of the sensors in use.

Regardless of the analogue value, an adjustable threshold value is made available as a digital output for drive controllers with PTC input but also for the use of digital signals in control units.

The order code for the assembly is 0058040-1100.

Application areas in the KEB portfolio:  COMBIVERT F5, enclosure A, B, D and E COMBIVERT G6, enclosure A, B and C.