Operational reliability in aggressive environments

3C3 protective coating

Industrial control cabinets are frequently exposed to harsh environments, which is why their electronic components have to be all the more resistant. Atmospheric pollutants represent just one of the many aggressive components they face. This is precisely why the optional 3C3 protective coating was designed for the printed circuit boards in the drives from KEB Automation.

Certain chemicals found in the air, which are frequently associated with a high level of humidity, are common causes of malfunctions within the process industry because the components often only offer minimal stability. Gases such as chlorine, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide can corrode the components and connections, which in turn can lead to contact issues, malfunctions or even total system failure. 

Impact of harmful gases on the IGBT module

With this in mind, the electronic modules in the KEB COMBIVERT drives have been provided with a protective coating across the board for many years now to cope with these environmental conditions (IEC/EN 60721-3-3 class 3C2).

KEB also produces the drive controllers with enhanced protection and a 3C3 protective coating on the printed circuit boards as an optional variant designed for use in harsh environments. These have proven effective in environments such as wastewater treatment plants, where requirements include higher operational safety, reduced failure risk, shorter downtimes, extended service life and optimised operating costs.

KEB - Electronic module with 3C3 protective coating in UV light