New service partner in Mexico

K&S Services

KEB Automation has now certified a new service partner in Mexico, K&S Services, to deliver prompt, professional support services to customers in Mexico and Central America.

K&S has been part of the KEB international service network since 2018. The first step of the process involved new colleagues being trained on the hardware by the American KEB subsidiary, KEB America. Christian Olschewski (Global Head of Service) and Christian Wiebe (Service & Electronics) then took things a step further by drilling down into the subject of functional safety. “The three-day course allowed us to provide intensive training for our new colleagues on the details and background behind functional safety as well as everything they need to know about KEB’s products,” explains Olschewski. After passing a subsequent assessment, K&S Services is now certified to repair and offer support for functionally safe devices.

Together with KEB America’s Service Manager Aaron Reinhard, Olschewski started by conducting an assessment of the basic conditions at K&S Services. The criteria for this assessment included the level of in-house experience, the necessary measurement technology, tools, testing capabilities and ESD measures. Based on its many years of experience in repair and support for other drives manufacturers, KEB decided to take on the company as a new service partner.

K&S Services was founded in 1982 with its headquarters in Detroit (USA). Its Mexican facilities, which were established in 1995, are situated in the industrial city of Monterrey and in the central town of Salamanca. The company employs over 50 members of staff in Mexico in facilities spanning over nearly 4000 square metres. What’s more, it also offers air-conditioned service centres to ensure the quality of its services, which is indispensable in regions where outdoor temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius.

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