New firmware für COMBIVERT S6-K and COMBIVERT F6-K

With production week 36/2017 - september 2017 - the factory setting of the drive Controllers KEB COMBIVERT S6-K and KEB COMBIVERT F6-K (housing 2 to 6)  is changed to the new firmware Version:

The new Parameter description files are available in COMBIVIS 6 via Update function.

The following functional extensions have been edited:

The following function restrictions have been edited

The following still open findings are available for editing in the next version.
Please take notice today.

In contrast to previous software versions, the factory setting for the brake transistor (GTR7)
from this software version is modified from - DEFAULT to -OFF.

More detailed information can be found in the programming manual, which you can select as a registered user

Programming Manual F6
Programming Manual S6

We will be glad to advise you in the implementation of your application and support with practical training the new software functions, now part of the offer of our training department.


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