Management for energetically optimized solutions

The energy supply already presents all grid participants with numerous challenges today, which will become even more complex in the future. The new KEB Energy Management Library can be used for uninterrupted and at the same time economical operation. What possibilities does it offer?

The Energy Management Library includes several independent function blocks (FBs). These are used to control and monitor a KEB Active Front End drive (AFE) in combination with an energy buffer (ultra capacitors or batteries) and electric drives or other energy consumers.

This system allows the control and limitation of the consumed power from the mains as well as the regenerative power to the mains. Power peaks during motor or regenerative operation of the drives are completely covered by the energy buffer. The commissioning and the functionally safe, reliable application are facilitated by a step-by-step guide (for the KEB AFE) in addition to an example program and detailed documentation.

The Energy Management Library is designed for KEB Drives in combination with a COMBICONTROL C6 controller or a H6 Control Unit. It is based on the standard KEB libraries and 3S software and requires an installation of the engineering tool COMBIVIS studio 6. After purchasing the corresponding license, all function blocks of the library can be integrated and used without restrictions.

Communication between the controller, the energy buffer and the drives is not part of this library as there are several fieldbus solutions possible (e.g. CANopen, EtherCAT, Profinet, serial protocols). The implementation of the fieldbus communication must therefore be part of the user program.

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