KEB ImWR innovation project successfully completed

The closing presentation for it's OWL – KEB ImWR innovation project took place on 06/09/2017.

During the presentation, Mr Wolfgang Wiele, CTO of KEB Automation KG welcomed Dr. Armbruster from the project sponsor Karlsruhe (PTKA), professors Dr. Schulte (from Institute Future Energy) and Dr. Jasperneite (from Institute Industrial IT) from Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences, as well as representatives from the banks, interested parties from other institutes, and customers from the fields of mobile automotive engineering for commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery. Wolfgang Wiele stated that the launch of the ImWR innovation project on 01 July 2014 had seen changes in the mobile vehicle world, with more changes still to come. The new product idea ImWR means that KEB is well equipped for mobile use.

Mr Thorsten Sigges, project manager for ImWR, gave a clear overview of why KEB will open up the mobile market. A brief outline was provided of the specific challenges and tasks for this project, before the individual work packages required were presented by the project partners at the institutes. Even though this merely scratched the surface of the individual tasks, it gave all the listeners a clear image of the level of complexity and depth of the attention paid to the individual steps involved in processing and making progress by the universities and KEB.

Thorsten Sigges and his team proudly presented the live performance to the conference centre at the end of the series of talks. Watched by all the listeners, the demonstration of the four-rotor rake with integral electric drive from AGCO Fendt showed how it can be used for agricultural applications. Mr Marius Schmitt, the machine operator who had accompanied this Fendt team, expertly formed the freshly-mown grass into swathes, before explaining in layman's terms the benefits of an electric rake from the perspective of a machine user.

During the get-together that followed, everyone agreed that theory and practice still go hand in hand. The live performance demonstrated that everything fitted together; from the new requirements to be applied, the solution approaches developed by the institutes and, finally, the product development with the semi-finished product ImWR.

KEB has continued to develop the "ImWR" project, additional market requirements have been incorporated and implemented. KEB has adopted the basic structure from ImWR under the product name "COMBIVERT T6 APD" (auxilliaries power drives), and has developed a new range of products; a modular inverter system for the electrification of ancillary units and ancillary drives for mobile machines and vehicles.
The T6 APD will not be the only development for the mobile vehicle and machinery market; everyone in the T6 team is agreed on that.

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