KEB connects Böllhoff and KUKA

New connection technology for the automotive and supplier industry

Strength, geometry, weight and function – a combination of different materials optimizes design. The new Böllhoff Rivset self-pierce riveting system combines the materials with high strength and high process reliability using KEB COMBIVERT F6 drive controllers

The machine can be used for a range of solutions from the automotive and supplier industry, transport and vehicle manufacturing through to air-conditioning and energy technology.

One example of this is the new ready2_rivet package, a joint venture between the Bielefeld company and KUKA Deutschland GmbH of Augsburg. Control and execution of the riveting process is handled by the drive system with the new F6 made by KEB Automation F6.

Flexible cooling design
With this design, the drive controller performs the riveting process hydro-dynamically, precisely and with high reproducibility, ensuring process safety at the same time. To protect the electronics in an environment often containing metallic dust, the riveting installations have totally-sealed control-cabinets. The air-cooled push-through version of the drive controller, one of the options in the flexible cooling design of the F6 series, eliminates most of the power loss directly and so minimizes heat loads in the control-cabinet. Useful wizards in the KEB COMBIVIS commissioning and diagnostics software also assist adjustment, installation and commissioning in the short term.