„K“ stands for powerful from big to small

KEB has expanded its range of helical bevel gears in the business field of industrial gear Motors.

The helical bevel gears are generally characterized by the rectangular outlet as well as the transmission of high torques, radial and axial forces. The gear sizes K8 and K9 are constructed in three stages and allow the direct connection of AC motors with shaft heights 100 to 225.

Together with the two- and three-stage sizes K0 to K7 the program covers gear motors in the power range from 0.12 up to 45 KW and in addition to universal mounting and installation positions it stands out for its high efficiency.

With transmission ratios between 3 and 180 fine gradations of output speeds and thus an optimal adaption are possible. In the design as double gear transmission ratios up to approx. 20,000 can be achieved.

Mechanically the gearboxes are available in foot, flange or slip-on design with solid or hollow output shaft, but also with torque support or shrink disk. For increased corrosion demands special finishing is available.

The helical bevel gears supply an output torque of more than 12 kNm and complement the KEB gearbox series G (spur gears), F (flat gears) and S (worm gears).

Typical applications are found in the area of feed screws, hoisting systems, carriage systems, pumps, conveyors or mixers and agitators. General motor options are spring applied brakes, encoder systems, forced ventilation as well as a 2nd shaft end.

Servo gear motors
An additional variant of the program is provided by the combination of helical bevel gears with servo motors, series TA. The characteristics of synchronous machines like high efficiency, excellent dynamic, large speed range combined with industrial gearboxes extend the range of applications.

The operation with frequency inverters KEB COMBIVERT permits stepless speed profiles for process optimization as well as reduced starting currents/power consumption from the mains supply.