Just switch over: Servosystem S6 available with ProfiNet

Servo Drive COMBIVERT S6 with ProfiNet

Reliable and long term proven serial communication is increasingly being replaced by faster, up-to-date data exchange in real time via Ethernet-based bus systems such as EtherCAT or ProfiNet. This is attributable not only to the much higher and more scalable transmission rates in comparison to serial fieldbuses, but also to the greater flexibility; different protocols run in parallel and extension of the topology is virtually limitless.
With its compact, flexible servo-system, KEB COMBIVERT S6, KEB follows this trend and is already able to offer the ProfiNet interface integrated in device variant A as the ideal supplement to the existing standard EtherCat connection. Speed and flexible user-convenience are key aspects in particular: an innovative feature is the possibility of switching between both interfaces for software parameters - there is therefore no need in principle for the costly separate purchase of a ProfiNet module, expensive additional storage and extra commissioning costs, saving time and money. The inplementation of PowerLink and Ethernet IP is also planned in future on this basis. As a pioneer of this technology, KEB can rely on a broad customer interface as a source of ideas from the market in order to incorporate innovative trends in current product development.
A further innovation in the COMBIVERT S6 is attributable to this: in addition to the extended communications concept for the control level, device variant A contains a package of modular selectable functional safety technology features. With immediate effect, module 1 is obtainable with safe stop (STO) and safe brake control (SBC) as standard integrated functions. With module 3 which will be available in the near future, the concept will be extended with further fourteen safety functions, which can all be easily managed by Safety over EtherCAT® (FSoE) without any expensive wiring.
KEB COMBIVERT S6 stands for highly integrated, universally usable, flexible functions for virtually every drive in networked automation.

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