Electrification of remote controlled robots –

sewer clean up with KEB solution. Whenever there are blockages in the sewer systems the fault analysis often is tediously problematic: Where exactly is the fault? How long would it take to rectify the fault? Must we close down the drainage systems?

Such and many other questions will be a thing of the past if remote controlled robots are deployed. Equipped with a camera system to locate the fault, DC controlled drive mechanisms and a powerful milling drive almost any fault in sewer systems can be effectively set right within the least possible time. 

Solutions to date have glaring drawbacks. Compressed-air systems are accompanied by a high level of noise emitted by the compressors on the surface; hydraulic systems are associated with the risk of oil seeping into the drainage system. These two were the criteria that often stood in the way of universally operating remote controlled sewer robots. But by using a 3-phase controlled synchronous motor for the milling job these constraints no longer exist.

KEB offers worldwide, for the first time, a plug & play total system for sewer clean up robots which can be optionally designed for 230 V or 400 V.

The result is a sewer clean up robot with emphasis on eco-friendliness, until now unachieved milling power in a system that is extremely user-friendly.