Drive Controller with integrated servo pump control

Energy saving advantages for hydraulic systems

Servo pumps are the optimum solution for hydraulic systems with highly dynamic control engineering requirements. Their advantages have been used in injection molding machines for more than a decade. Our drive controllers COMBIVERT F6 with integrated function for (multi-)servo pump control enable energy efficient and cost optimized implementation for hydraulic machines. The protection of the pump is realized by appropriate software functions and parameters.

Highest dynamics is achieved for example in combination with KEB servo motors of the series DL4. Commissioning of the system is simplified by a wizard for guided parameterization of the application and the auto tuning function (calibration to the hydraulic circuit). The adjustment of the pump speed in the partial load range as well as outside the working cycle, in combination with volume flow or pressure control directly via the pump system, offers an energy saving potential of up to 70 % in hydraulic systems. Furthermore, noise emissions can be reduced by up to 20 dB(A). The system-specific possibilities of the multi-hydraulic selector (such as the use of higher speeds) allow savings in cycle time or pump size.

Img mu set servopump solution

Servo pump solution from KEB offers advantages for hydraulic systems

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Drive Controller COMBIVERT F6 with integrated servo pump control