COMBIVERT F6-A - the new High-Speed Inverter with added safety

COMBIVERT F6-A - the new High-Speed Inverter with added safety

In the new COMBIVERT F6-A expansion phase, the device range, in conjunction with the certified safety module 3, can provide potential users with exciting new performance characteristics for modern machine designs.
What’s special: Different safety functions can be addressed and selected either in the traditional way via secure inputs on the terminal strip, or in serial format via the EtherCat interface with FSoE communication, in a multipliable manner, i.e. with specifically adjusted properties.

The ability to call up, completely flexibly, threshold values, limits, or conditions in the individual process stage, sets entirely new standards in the way safety is regarded, and in the conception of integrated safety technology. For task scenarios in the high-speed range, COMBIVERT F6-A drive controllers can provide maximum speeds of up to 128,000 rev/min.

The  universal suitability for encoder-based operation of synchronous or asynchronous motors, the excellent shaft properties on different motor versions, and the real-time communications, together with versatile safety functions in the drive actuator, opens up a huge range of applications for the F6-A (A indeed stands for Application). In the version with the safety module 3, up to 13 safety functions can be used in applications in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2 to SIL 3 or ISO 13849 to PLe.

COMBIVERT F6-A with the new safety module offers the possibility of multiplying safety functions by way of what are referred to as subindexes; in other words, in each case up to eight settings are possible. The rapid switching of values allows for safety functions in the subindexes to be combined with one another, and substantially reduces the loading on the secure data channel. 

The hardware for the device additionally provides two programmable secure outputs for use in the safety chain.

The example of high-speed main spindle operations in the woodworking sector makes it very clear how the integrated safety technology avoids the tiresome “letting the spindle run down” in the event of a fault, which means, among other advantages, that machine availability is increased thanks to the machine rapidly running up to speed again.

The BMG300 stationary machine series from Homag (World market leader for woodworking machines) takes advantage precisely of these properties. If the selected maximum revolution speed of a tool is exceeded, the SLS (Safe Limited Speed) function is triggered, and a slowing ramp is activated, monitored by the SS1 (Safe Stop 1), in order to prevent the running down of a motor with STO. If the slowing effect is due to an undetermined reason outside the monitored safe slowing, then, as the last safety step, the STO (Safe Torque Off) engages.

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