COMBISTOP – Holding brakes for wind power systems KEB

Renewable energy is the number one topic in society's transformation towards increasingly resource-friendly utilities.

Wind power facilities make a significant contribution to clean energy supplies. Technical developments have significantly increased the performance of equipment, and after the first wave of land-supported facilities (onshore), newer projects are increasingly turning to the sea (offshore), which offers consistent wind conditions and sufficient space.

In addition, current locations on land are also being retrofitted with larger facilities. The technology that is installed places great demands on operating safety in very difficult conditions. 

While drive is the main focus, stopping and holding is just as important, especially in relation to safety-relevant tasks. Invisible from the outside, electromagnetic failsafe brakes on a spring basis carry out this function on the drives for the housing (Yaw drives) or pitch control (pitch drives).

With the COMBISTOP 28 series, KEB offers a CCV - ready programme for torques up to 250 Nm, which has been perfected through decades of field experience and includes designs up to protection class IP67. Set at the factory, the assemblies can be immediately used for installation purposes - functional faults due to installation or adjustment errors are excluded by design. The brakes can also be supplied with function monitoring (optional).

Another option is to include customer-specific adjustments and develop them into solutions that are specifically tailored for the application.

Market leaders have been putting their trust in COMBISTOP for more than 20 years!