C6 SMART – IPC technology on the DIN rail

The compact IPC with modular EtherCAT I/O system for automating real-time applications DIN rail mounted.

Optimised processor performance of the latest ARM generation for synchronous motion control and fast switching and detecting of output and input signals. The C6 SMART offers, with a width of 47mm and additional four I/O modules and under 150mm space on the DIN rail, a compact IPC control system with 128 in- and outputs.

The C6 SMART is designed for runtime environment and real-time capability. It allows control tasks that place high demands on performance and functionality, with the expectation to be cost-efficient. Detecting and switching of signals is realised without additional delay via the internal EtherCAT I/O module bus. Equipped with a multi-core processor, built-in Micro UPS, smart storage concept and many modular interfaces, C6 SMART is designed to handle all control system tasks.

The high integration of all functions enables the fulfilment of the requirements. The C6 SMART features an EtherCAT Master for performing control and synchronous motion control tasks. The integrated visualisation provides the opportunity of connecting a C6 monitor to complete the automation functionality. Flexibility and connectivity if offerd by the integrated remote maintenance functionality COMBIVIS connect. This allows worldwide access without additional hardware down to the drive level.

Based on the operating system Windows Embedded Compact 7 Pro, the C6 SMART provides standards in connectivity, communications and reliability. Furthermore many tools for backing up, restoring and multiplying the control system.

Now this is the perfect time to switch from the classic SPS generation to modern IPC technology.