Advantage through encoderless safety

Drive Controller in new version PRO

What is the goal of functional safety? To keep the risks posed by technical equipment to humans and the environment as low as possible. Machining or machine tools can endanger operators or technicians, e.g. with tools that rotate at high speed. Drive technology that ensures the required safety functions without encoders offers the user various advantages.

To avoid dangerous operating conditions, safety functions limit the speeds, directions of rotation or axis positions. The objective of the drive controllers with integrated safety functions and the safety PLC in the KEB portfolio is to realize this particularly economically. Compared to previous solutions with classic, safe encoder feedback, the new development COMBIVERT S6/F6 PRO provides many functions even without an external encoder. This minimizes the wiring effort and simplifies the safety concept. In some applications with compact motors or high-frequency spindle motors, encoder mounting is not possible for safe monitoring functions. Since, for example, speed monitoring is usually dependent on encoder signals, new concepts for safety functions without sensors are necessary. In addition to more individual machine concepts, encoderless safety functions in the drive offer cost-efficient options for simple drive monitoring. Furthermore, maintenance and repair costs are reduced.