Magnet Technology

KEB Magnet Technology – invisible power

For more than 45 years we have used electromagnets for starting, stopping, safe braking and positioning of shafts in machines and installations. 

From KEB's start point in 1972 to date and onwards into the future, electromagnetic couplings provide non-positive joints. Electromagnetic brakes ensure that dynamic rotating systems are brought into a reliable stop position. 

In the product range you will find details of graduated assembly units for solutions to electromechanical tasks with a range of options. Modern construction and design tools and experienced specialists in applications engineering contribute with practical knowledge to ensure that you are always provided with the most effective solution. 

In the sector overview you will find a summary of current key applications. We have concentrated on special requirements in the mobile applications sector of vehicle engineering with an expert team - you will find the solutions in the Automotive section.

Contact for Magnet Technology

KEB Automation KG
+49 (0) 5263 401-0


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