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Electromobility leads to new solutions and vehicle design

The demand for commercial vehicles and mobile machines, which are operated entirely (fully electric) or partially (hybrid) with electrical energy, is steadily increasing. 

As well as the main- and traction-drives, auxiliary drives must be electrified, too. The electrification of the auxiliaries allows an on-demand operation of the drives, improves the energy efficiency of the entire vehicles and thus makes a further great contribution to the reduction of pollutant and noise emissions. 

Hydraulic pumps, fans, air conditioning compressors, power steering pumps ... these are just a few examples of auxiliary drives that can be electrified without great effort.

We develop and produce competitive drive solutions in close collaboration with our customers.

T6 APD has been specially developed for all hybrid- or all-electric utility vehicles with an on-board high-voltage DC voltage supply and meets the high requirements for an automotive system with regard to mechanical and thermal properties, environmental conditions, EMC, safety and service life.


Plug & Play - KEB emobility product requirements

High-voltage drive solutions for auxiliary components

Modular Inverter System  for electrification of auxiliary components in mobile machinery.

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