Communikation Gateway

MCU J1939 CAN App

The MCU J1939 CAN App provides a solid data communication via CAN based on the CAN 2.0B specification. With the MCU - J1939 CAN App a CAN communication gateway is provided in the T6 APD system for the exchange of process data, parameters and diagnostic messages (DM1 ... DM4) according to SAE J1939. The typical application is in the area of commercial vehicles. Operation is performed exclusively via the explicitly provided parameterization, diagnosis (InverterScope) and commissioning tool COMBIVIS studio 6 or COMBIVIS 6.

For direct exchange of setpoint and actual values, the T6 APD offers two possible channels, Proprietary A and B, which are defined in SAE J1939 protocol. In addition, the app provides a commissioning assistant for the effective and efficient commissioning and operation of later ones series applications.

  • J1939 CAN settings and process data exchange
  • Diagnostic trouble codes DM1… 4
  • T6 APD system configuration: includes parameter settings J1939 CAN and download_files

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