Drive Controller Unit - DCU

HV Inverter module in 3 different power ratings

The T6 APD system allows an appropriate and efficient adaptation of voltage, currents and frequencies, assumes control functions and can be flexibly adapted to specific vehicle requirements. 

Due to its modular design, the system is scalable and allows the integration of 1 to max. 6 Inverter modules, available in 3 power ratings (modules A, B, C) with output currents of 16.5 A, 33 A and 60 A.

The drive software of the inverter modules ensures excellent shaft performance and the control of all types of electric motors is feasible.

As a further function, T6 APD offers the user-free operation of synchronous and asynchronous motors (SCL), including positioning and automatic motor identification. 

An additional encoder feedback was consciously not implemented.

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Programming manual T6 Drive Control Unit V2.3 (DCU)
( en, pdf, 2018-06-21, 4 MB )
Programming manual T6 Drive Control Unit V2.5 (DCU)
( en, pdf, 2019-12-13, 7 MB )
( en, pdf, 1 MB )