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Modular Drive Controller System for hybrid- and electric vehicles offers a wide range of solutions to meet customer requirements and associated drive functions.

In many fields of the development of hybrid, fuel cell or electric vehicles, in addition to integration of innovative electrical (traction) drive systems, the electrification of the auxiliary drives is a very important approach for a future-oriented electromobility.

Electric auxiliary drives are characterized by high energy efficiency and excellent controllability.

The various applications are controlled efficiently and designed to meet needs. The quality of the actual process is optimized. Totally or partly electrified trucks, buses, municipal vehicles, construction - and agricultural machinery thus make a substantial contribution to a reduction in noise and pollutant emissions.

Whether energy is produced or provided by diesel generators, fuel cells, battery packs or supercapacitors, the T6 APD offers a connection or adaptation facility for all energy sources.

Auxiliary components, such as air-conditioning and air compressors, hydraulic bilge pumps, ventilators, PTO substitutes (Power Take Off / Shaft) are decoupled from the combustion engine and can be installed in the most effective or mechanically favourable place.

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