Mobile future - Electromobility

Due to challenges such as climate change, rising raw material prices and dwindling resources, electromobility is increasingly being pushed to the forefront of worldwide interest. In cities in particular electric vehicles make a substantial contribution to improving environmental pollution and hence make a long-term improvement to our quality of life.

Utility vehicles - trailblazers in electromobility

In conventional utility vehicles, auxiliary components such as air and air-conditioning compressors, for example, used to be driven by the combustion engine.

Electrification of drives enables needs-orientated control, improves energy efficiency of vehicles and hence makes a major contribution with regard to reduction in pollution and noise emissions.

Integration of electric drives in a new generation of mobile machines and vehicles

KEB offers total knowhow, including comprehensive support to vehicle manufacturers in defining requirements, system design, integration of electric drives, intelligent interlinking and of course effective, efficient commissioning of the electrified auxiliary components as well.

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