Supply/Regen Accessories

Inductors and harmonic filters

Power chokes or harmonic filters are used to reduce harmonics in the supply network. This also protects equipment from high current spikes, charging currents and faults on the supply network side and increases service life.

Standard industrial requirements are met with the basic power choke or commutating choke. COMBILINE harmonics filters reduce the harmonics content resulting in sinusoidal power consumption and power regeneration. The voltage drop that typically occurs in inductors is also eliminated.

In the COMBIVERT R6-S series, the synchronization units required are already in part directly incorporated in the inductor or harmonics filters.

Technical details and other accessories such as ferrite elements, decoupling diodes and fuses will be found in the technical documentation accompanying the equipment.

EMC filters

To comply with radio interference regulations, EMC filters are used. The filters provide protection for the equipment at the same time. Depending on requirements, the classification requirements for industrial environments or for the residential sector can be met with COMBILINE EMC filters and ferrite elements, where required. Depending on design, the filters can also be used as footprint or add-on filters.

A particular feature of the E6 series EMC filters is the very low leakage current (typically less than 3 mA). This means it can be used for particularly sensitive applications where low leakage currents or high fire safety requirements are specified.

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