Drive Technology for Automation Systems

Reliable operation of machines and applications

Quality and performance of KEB solutions prove themselves daily in the machines and systems of our customers. We offer a broad portfolio in the field of drive technology to solve your drive task. In addition, our drive controllers – which are matched to KEB motors and controls  – can be integrated comfortable and efficient into other systems.

The product range stands for applications as single-axis drives, completed by a series for multi-axis operation with DC intermediate circuit linkage, as well as supply and regeneration systems. Process optimization, driven by flexibly adjustable speed and torque or precise positioning too, is ensured by frequency converters and servo-controllers in controlled and regulated versions.

Regenerative systems are used sensibly when high loads occur in regenerative operation, which are used efficiently in the input power supply. The broad range of accessories – comprising power chokes, braking resistors, EMC filter technology, various output filters for motor protection and prefabricated signal and motor cables – offers the right components to complement your drive system.

With our scalable solutions, we cover a wide range of application areas to meet both standard and complex requirements. We are constantly developing our products e.g. for wood processing, intralogistics, plastics machinery and lift applications, as well as for electric mobility and wind energy.

Drive Controller


  • Multifunctional for various applications
  • Support of different Ethernet-based fieldbuses
  • Power range 4 kW to 450 kW

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Servo Drives


  • For the realization of dynamic drive tasks
  • Usable for a variety of motor technologies
  • For rated current of 2.6 A up to 12 A

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Multi-Axis Drive System


  • DC intermediate circuit coupled drive controller system
  • Very high power density
  • Flexible use in a broad spectrum of applications up to 315 A

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Modular Auxiliary Inverter System


  • E-mobility solutions - automotive qualified
  • Excellent drive performance -
    SCL encoderless control
  • EMC compatibility - Common-Mode-DC-EMC filters integrated

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Supply/Regeneration Systems

COMBIVERT R6, Active-Front-End

  • Drive systems for motoric and generatoric operation
  • Energy-optimized solutions for power compensation
  • Block shaped or sinusoidal feedback

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Pitch Drive


  • Pitch inverter, backup charger, monitoring and PLC in one unit
  • Freely programmable with your pitch algorithm and know-how
  • For wind turbines from 1 MW to 15 MW

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Filter Technology


  • EMC, I/O, HF and sinusoidal
    output filters
  • Limitation of interference levels on the mains and motor side
  • Optimization of operating conditions

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Drive Controller Accessories

for COMBIVERT series

  • Cables, braking resistors, chokes and ferrite components

  • Simplifies the installation of drive controllers

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