Drive Controller

From classic frequency inverters to dynamic servo drives

In applications such as plastics machinery, woodworking, CNC machines, intralogistics, textile machines and process technology, drive controllers are used to perform simple to complex tasks in the drive system. They combine the functionalities of classic frequency inverters and dynamic servo drives as well as sensorless control methods. KEB Drive Controllers are designed for motor operation of different technologies and take over speed, torque and position control. Integrated safety functions, which were previously realized in machines or plants by external protective measures, optimize effort and system costs.

New drive generation for machine concepts with extended requirements on function, communication and integrated safety

Application Drive COMBIVERT F6

  • Frequency inverter and servo drive in one device
  • Power range from
    4 kW to 450 kW
  • Encoderless control and control with encoder of different motor technologies

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Frequency Inverter COMBIVERT G6

  • Frequency inverter for controlled and regulated applications
  • Power range from 0.75 kW to 30 kW
  • Open Loop / Sensorless Closed Loop

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Modular program with proven technology for mechanical engineering

Application Drive COMBIVERT F5

  • Frequency converter and servo system for open-loop and closed-loop applications
  • Power range from 
    0.37 kW to 900 kW
  • Modular drive technology

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